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House hunters have access to an enormous amount of information these days, from the many online property portals where homes are listed, to the real estate forums where buyers and sellers can share their experiences. For buyers who think of estate agents as simply a way to access the homes for sale in an area, it might seem like the internet provides all the answers
If you’re thinking of buying or selling a home in the next few years, you may be concerned about any impact Brexit might have. The UK’s decision to leave the EU was one that shocked the world, and several months later, no one is any the wiser about the exact plan.
When I value any home, I like to pretend I am looking around it as a potential buyer.  How do I feel?  I’ll assume different characters.  For example, if I was to view a semi-detached home, I’ll pretend I am a family of 4.  If I’m looking at a modern apartment, I’ll pretend I am a young professional.  Of course I am looking at your property as...
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