Preparing Your Home For Sale – who is my buyer?

Preparing Your Home For Sale – who is my buyer?

When I value any home, I like to pretend I am looking around it as a potential buyer.  How do I feel?  I’ll assume different characters.  For example, if I was to view a semi-detached home, I’ll pretend I am a family of 4.  If I’m looking at a modern apartment, I’ll pretend I am a young professional.  Of course I am looking at your property as an estate agent too.  I need to do this for accurate pricing.  The former is just so I can create a formulated marketing plan for you and get you a buyer at the best possible price.

So who’s your buyer and how do you attract them to view your home?

Buyers are attracted to different house styles and types and for very different reasons.  What we need to do is decide who is likely to suit your home and very importantly why?

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