Samuel L Jackson Jedi Knight

Samuel L Jackson, Jedi Knight
Samuel L Jackson is the world’s highest grossing actor and his movies have made over $8.5 billion dollars worldwide. Samuel is different from many actors on this list and has played smaller character roles in many blockbuster films. You may argue that he doesn’t deserve the top spot over leading actors who have appeared in fewer films. Although, Samuel L Jackson has been the busiest man in Hollywood for the last twenty years and should be commemorated for appearing in so many famous motion pictures, over 70 productions in all. Movies that he has appeared in have an average gross of $57,166,459 million dollars. As you would expect, Samuel L Jackson will be appearing in some upcoming features, including Iron Man 2, Quantum Quest: Cassini Space Odyssey, and Blown. He is well aware of his sales record and is continuously trying to land roles in the year’s biggest blockbuster hits.
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